No more freelancers or expensive agencies.

Properly done SEO is crucial to your online presence. Let us help without breaking the bank!
If you are not using the biggest social media platform on the internet to advertise your business – you are missing out.
Every single day businesses disappear because they fail to generate new clients and customers.
The winners are those that are embracing social media marketing – taking their business to the next level.
Tap into minds of your future customers and understand exactly what they want.
Targets the exact people that want to use your business and spend money with you.
Get more new customers to book your service or buy your product.
Let us show you how this can be a reality.

For Agencies

We make it easier for you to scale your Facebooks ads agency. Get a certified Facebook marketing strategist at your fingertips to get your clients results, all in a white-labeled environment.

For Business Owners

Need more leads, customers, phone calls? Facebook & Instagram ads is one of the best sources of traffic. Our Facebook Ads experts will setup a marketing campaign for you to bring a consistent flow of leads into your business.
Keyword Research
User Experience Optimization
Site Content Evaluation
Each page is optimized
Site-map created and submitted to Google and Bing
Site Speed Optimization
SSL configuration
Cross-device compatibility
Internal linking
Schema markup
Images are optimized and tagged
Meta descriptions and title tags
Google Analytics and Search Console


New SEO content is written and optimized (2 – 1000 word articles)
Keyword research
Press release
Citations and Google Maps
Competition research
SEO monitoring
Broken links removal
Crawl errors management
Strategy Advice
Got a question about your specific business needs? Get in touch with us!

Simple Pricing

We are designed to grow with you – providing the help, results and flexibility you need at every stage.
On-site Optimization
I want to optimize my website for search engines and get found.
$798/per website
Get started
Monthly Growth
Get 2 SEO articles monthly for target keywords, PR releases, SEO management and off-site link building.
$798/per month
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Get Your Own SEO Expert

 We know you want results and ROI. That’s why we spend over $10,000 each year on courses and certifications to make sure we know exactly what works and what doesn’t to save you money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take get it done?
14 Days.
It takes about 14 days for initial optimization.
What do I need to provide?
Few things.
Few things.Access to your WordPress or Shopify store. And your Google Analytics code. You might also want to invite your SEO expert into Google Search Console.
Do you send monthly reports?
Your SEO expert will send you a detailed report monthly with a plan to move forward.
Can you communicate with my agency clients directly?
Our marketing experts will use your company’s branded email address or will represent your company to provide ongoing support for your clients.
What is included and not included with this service?
Great question.
Scroll up to see a complete list of what is included in the service. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us to clarify. What is not included: backlink outreach.

There is nothing like true love

Meet your peers who have prospered.
We have been working with Bryan via VASUMO for a while, over a year now. I have to say that when we decided to retain a VA, we didn’t have a clear plan of what type of projects and tasks we could assign but there has never been a time we have assigned a task or asked for help and he didn’t know the answer or follow through. Bryan has proven to make us more efficient and helped to complete tasks that would normally get pushed aside. Bryan has made the communication seamless and easy. We appreciate our VA and Vasumo more than we had expected.
Ken C.
Owner & CEO
OH MY GOD!!! You are literally making my dreams come true right now. This is FANTASTIC. So much love for Vasumo and you! Love my assistant, very very simple to get started, so many tasks I get help with, aaaand the best support! LOOOOVE it.
Once I wrapped my head around the power of giving up routine tasks, and establishing systems, my Vasumo assistant saves a ton of time and money!
Michael Cirillo
The Dealer Playbook
Researched a zillion VA services, and then heard great things about Vasumo from other entrepreneurs. Ease of communication and insights into what my assistant is working on for me each day is what I love the most about Vasumo. I give them 10 out of 10!
Marketing Expert
Our new Vasumo assistant is excellent! He understands exactly what we are looking for creatively and always nails it!
CEO, Divine Lashes
This is the BEST service that I have ever invested in! I have been working with Vasumo for over 3 months now. There is so much that I had to do before, which is all taken care by my assistant now. I was amazed at the level of professionalism that my assistant has. The quality of his communication. He is very efficient and clear. I love his responsiveness and accuracy. He is very thoughtful and I came to appreciate him so much and the service that he offers which allows me provide even better service to my clients.
Alex D.
Leadership Coach
Vasumo has far exceeded my expectations. My Vasumo assistant is such a delight to work with! He is efficient, dedicated and timely and handles our many projects smoothly. I’ve since recommended Vasumo to several business coaching clients and will continue to do so.
Vasumo have raised the bar in virtual assistant industry with a professionalism and skill set that is as unique as they are. Their combination of experience, innovation and technical knowledge makes them a must hire in my opinion. Who they are as professionals will draw you to them but who they are as people will keep you coming back for more!
Vasumo has been great at helping me launch, design and troubleshoot my websites and graphic design projects. My assistant has saved me a lot of time, money and energy with his knowledge and resources as well as his ability to get things done while I work on growing my businesses. Everyone needs a Vasumo assistant!
Kristen Tolbert
I’ve been working with Vasumo for just over few months now and all I keep wondering is why I didn’t find them sooner! V.A.’s work ethic and ability to think outside the box had been extremely refreshing. The best part is their range of skills from graphics, to video editing, booking appointments, researching and literally everything in-between. Thanks Vasumo for everything that you do! You rock!!
I have really been enjoying working with Vasumo from the first day I signed up. When I first came across Vasumo, the idea of having a virtual assistant really appealed to me because of my jam packed schedule and the multitude of projects that I have going on. I was pleasantly surprised to when I learned that not only are Vasumo assistants professional and fully trained, but they are also skilled in many of the services that I need.
I am so grateful to have an assistant from Vasumo on my team. He’s so quick and efficient, and saves me countless hours every month. With all the extra time I’ve had I’ve been able to spend more time creating valuable content for my community.
I have been using my assistant for a few months now and WOW! He’s got an incredible graphic design eye. He really delivered on creating some great social media posts, website and ebooks for me. My assistant is also very positive and fast – it is such a relief to have someone like that on your team. I recommend Vasumo to every business owner!
Christie Mims
I’ve really been enjoying working with my assistant so far. I’ve been impressed with so many of his skills and in particular, WordPress, marketing, graphic design and video editing. He helps me alleviate most of what is on my plate and so I can finally concentrate on my most important work. You guys are an amazing company!
Peter Guirguis
Love the service. My assistant is doing great job! My podcast is completely delegated now, I am getting ready few more things for my assistant to take over. So far I am really enjoying my experience here!
Jamila Souffrant
I was very skeptical about Vasumo at first. I had 2 VAs in the past that didn’t work out. I’m so happy to say that all of my skepticism and the second-guessing has completely been gone away. My Vasumo assistant executes all of my tasks quickly. He also takes what I’ve given and expands on it and really making my ideas come to life. I’m so very grateful that I found Vasumo and I’m so very excited about what our work in the future looks like together!